The main tourist resources of the valley consist in the naturalistic heritage, of particular beauty. 

For hikers and cyclists there are numerous routes to the Tramonti lakes (Redona, Cà Selva, Cà Zul or Ciul), to Meduno, Campone, Tramonti di Sotto, Tramonti di Mezzo and Tramonti di Sopra / Passo Rest. Monte Valinis (Meduno) is the ideal place for paragliding enthusiasts. For those who want to test themselves with climbing, there are the rock climbing wall “Pianto del Rest, Val Tramontina” and the via ferrata “Dal Tramontin” (Tramonti di Sopra). It is possible to practice fishing in the 3 lakes and in the Meduna and Chiarzo streams, canoeing on the Tramonti lake, caving in the “Bus di Castigù” of Campone, walks with snowshoes in Tramonti di Sotto and Tramonti di Sopra.

Art, culture and traditions

Throughout the Valtramontina you can admire fine examples of rural architecture with internal courtyards characterized by arches and stone walls. 

To visit, in Campone, an ancient mill with a wooden wheel dating back to the seventeenth century still functioning with its old mechanisms operated by a canal diverted by the Chiarzò stream.

In various points of the valley you can still see the remains of the ancient kilns used in the past for the production of lime.

There are many small villages in the valley that we recommend you visit if you want to take a dip in the past.


The Valtramontina product of excellence is certainly the Pitina recently recognized as a IGP product. Of peasant origins, pitina was created to preserve meat in the autumn and winter months, in traditionally poor areas such as the Pordenone area. Salt, garlic, black pepper, rosemary or wild fennel and juniper berries were added to the minced meat of sheep, goat or venison. Meatballs were formed, passed in corn flour and smoked on the "fogher", the traditional Friulian fireplace. 

Delicious is also the "Formai dal Cit" cheese which takes its name from the stone vase used for its conservation. It is a close relative of "Formadi Frant" cheese, born from the same humble needs to recover everything from which, however, it differs in the spicing made with peppercorns.